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Hello everybody, my name is Sibasish Sharma and I am a full-time Java developer and a part-time blogger. I started my blogging journey in 2018 but at that time I had no idea of what is blogging actually but somewhere on YouTube I came to know that from blogging you can earn money. After looking at the YouTube video I thought that blogging is very easy and let's give a try to it I first started a movie downloading blog and thought that I will upload movies and thousands of people will come to my website and I will earn thousands of dollar from it but it still became a dream and slowly - slowly I started researching on Google and YouTube and gained some good amount of knowledge of blogging and started a new blog where I share with people the different ways of earning money online but after a month I left the blog because I have no patience and left blogging for 6 months then I again started working regularly that is how I had started my blogging journey.

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