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int to string in java

How to convert an integer to string in java? If you are searching for this in your browser or any other related topic, I am sure that you are on the right website. 

Writing a program to convert an integer to string is one of the easiest programs. But if you are a beginner and have no idea of this program then stick around this article because throughout this article I will teach you in the easiest way possible how to convert an integer to string in Java

So, without any delay let's jump on to the first point.

Create a new project

Creating a new project in Eclipse IDE is very easy but if you are using 'Notepad' or 'Notepad ++' I would suggest you download Eclipse because it is easy to use and has an inbuilt run option. So, let's give an eye on how to create a project in Eclipse.
int to string

 After you have finished downloading and installing Eclipse IDE, open it. On the main window, you will see a File option on the top left corner as shown in the image above. 

You have to click there and a dropdown menu will appear where you will find an option New, click that option, and again a dropdown menu will appear where you have to select Java Project.
 After clicking the Java Project option, a dialog box will appear where you have to type your project name. Then click on the next button and finally click on the finish button. 

Again, you have to go to the File option at the top left corner and click on New and select on Class. Look at the image given below and follow these steps:

[Easiest] Way To Convert Integer To String In Java 2020

  • Select the browse option(marked in red). You will find the name of the project which you have created a few minutes earlier.
  • Click on the arrow(>) before the project name and under your project name "src" will apper. Select it and click OK.
  • Make sure the boxes in the main dialog box are ticked.
  • Select Finish.           

You have now successfully created a project in Eclipse.

What is Integer.toString() Method?

Before going into the coding part lets get familiar with the Integer.toString()Method and know what does it do. 

As you probably know what is an integer and string, so this method gives us a string equivalent for an integer value which we feed as an input.

Program To Convert Integer To String

As you know all the basics and have somewhat idea about this method so let's go to the coding part of this program.

convert int to string in java

           After creating a project in Eclipse you will get the first three basic lines as shown in the image below. 

Then you have to type in "int" followed by space and type your integer name(as you would like) which is followed by space than an equal sign "=" and again space and then type in the integer value(as per your choice) and put a semi-colon(;) sign(which is a must after every line).

For example, I have chosen an integer name "masterInt" and given it a value 49. So the line will be: 
                                                                 int masterInt = 49;

            Then in the next line I create a string and name it as "masterString"  by typing in:

                                                               String masterString; .

For the next line, I type the string name(for me, it is masterString) followed by space, then an equal sign"=" and again space and type Integer.toString() where within the bracket you have to type the integer name(for me, it is masterInt). So the line is:  
                                              masterString = Integer.toString(masterInt);

              Now, the last two lines give us the output in the console area. The last-second line is: System.out.println() where inside the bracket area we have to write the text "Integer Value :" along with the double inverted commas which is followed by a plus sign "+" and then the integer name. So, the line is: 
                                          System.out.println("Integer Value :"+masterInt); 

                             The last line is the same as the previous one but here we have to change the text "Integer Value:" to "String Value :" and change the integer name to the string name, i.e. from "masterInt" to "masterString". So the line is: 

                                         System.out.println("String Value :"+masterString); 

 Now you have successfully created a program to convert an integer to string. Finally, click on run. The output will be:     
                                                                         Integer Value : 49 

                                                                         String Value : 49
[Easiest] Way To Convert Integer To String In Java


You have successfully created the program and now you are ready to convert any integer to string. If you do like this post don't forget to share it with your friends and help them to learn Java easily. And if you do like this article or have any queries or require any help for Java do tell us in the comment section.



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